One of the biggest culprits of spreading this disease of academic obsession – let’s call it the ‘Nerd Syndrome’, is the tutoring industry in Sydney.

It uses fear mongering to prey on innocent, loving parents who just want the best for their child.

Have you ever asked the tutoring college owners what you should do when you grow up, only to be given this answer:

“Be a doctor. Or a lawyer.”

“If you can’t do that, then if you are a male – be an engineer. If you are a female – be a teacher.”

It is mostly migrant parents that are misinformed about the nature of the Australian workforce. They believe that academic merit will be a guarantee for success in the future. Watch what this Math teacher says about the key to success here.

Angela Lee Duckworth says it is grit that is the best indicator of success in career and life. Further, grit was found to be usually unrelated or even inversely related to measures of talent.

Don’t let the spreaders of the Nerd Syndrome defeat you. Yes, academic marks are important, but so are other important things in life, such as your happiness and mental sanity. Life is about balance – that’s how we can become true blue Aussie all-rounders.

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