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Our Philosophy

The greatest education can be found outside the school classroom, and beyond cramped tutoring centres. The best education is found from experiencing life itself. We believe that life is education. We believe that education is life. By understanding and applying our life lessons, we can study smarter, manage our time better, and chase our dreams.  

We believe that studying English in high school is an important way for the student to develop their identity here in Australia. A good command of the English language not only boosts your ATAR, but provides a profound impact on your professional career. Learning how to express yourself, sell an idea, or work collaboratively are keys to success in high school and the professional world.

We believe that every student can be a professional.

Your Marks Are Not Everything

Why do you study? We know studying is important. Every day counts. But you feel worried. The pressure can be too much. Surely, education is not just about ranks, marks and exams…

Connect with inspiring mentors here at S2P Connect and realise your potential in English, the HSC, and life.

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