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What We Do

English isn’t everyone’s favourite subject at school. Students think to do well, we must be born with talents in English. This isn’t entirely true! Like any other subject, the more curiosity and desire you have to learn, the better you will get at it!

Learn English the S2P Connect way! We make English enjoyable as we build your vocabulary, nurture your curiosity for reading, and sharpen your writing skills. Workshops are designed for the new HSC English Syllabus. Get a head start today!

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How It Works

Learn in a small class (six students or less). Explore insightful questions and enjoy your English learning experience. English doesn’t have to be difficult! No matter your starting level, we have you covered. The hardest step is always the first, then it gets much easier!

We have crafted a learning system that is efficient, effective and easy to understand. Our students read the newspaper every week to search for an article that is relevant to the text they explored. They present and discuss their insights to extrapolate parallels between the text and their lives. We explore various text types to provide students the skills they need to tackle any text they are asked to analyse at school. We prepare for various school assessment types that include essay writing, creative writing, personal reflections, viewing/listening and representation, and multi-modal presentations. Our students also master the English language by ameliorating their lexicon through Term vocabulary quizzes.

What's Included

Essay Writing

Learn how to structure your responses, answer the question, and modify your essay to any question on the day. Build your vocabulary and increase your confidence. Stand out from your peers with insightful responses and unique techniques!

Creative Writing

Learn how to master the art of creative writing. Understand the importance of responding imaginatively to any text type through appropriating its key elements. Explore the various ways forms and features can influence meaning.

Need Extra Help?

Reserved for VIP+ students, enjoy unlimited email and phone call help for school assessments. Access our pool of resources of past state-ranking essays, school assignments and assessments. Receive feedback to drafts and responses to questions within 48 hours!