Pursue progress, not perfection

What is VIP+ ?

The VIP+ package allows the student to enjoy access to our pool of resources: state rank essays, full mark assessments and assignments. Receive comprehensive feedback to your questions within 48 hours!

Our Mentors go above and beyond, assisting with not just academics, but further help students by equipping them with the soft skills needed to succeed in their educational endeavours. We assist students with their time management, stress management and motivate students to enjoy their learning journey.

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How It Works

Students typically panic a week, or perhaps a day, before their English assessment. When studying for Mathematics, they’re perhaps used to doing a lot of practice questions to ensure that they maximise their results. English should be no different.

Our students routinely keep in touch with us beyond their lesson times. We edit, refine and suggest improvements on students’ essays and assignments so that they feel confident in what they will write in the exam. Our best students are then able to use their pieces (whether essays or creative writing) and practise it against various questions. This is how we help students achieve rank 1 at their schools.

What's Included

Direct Help

Your child will receive direct help with their school homework, assessments and assignments. Direct help through email and face to face communication is crucial to achieving confidence and the best marks possible. With the right guidance, motivation and inspiration, a student is capable of excellence beyond imagination.

Soft Skills

By developing a personal relationship with the Mentor, the student will be able to develop soft skills that they can apply at school with their school teachers, and also in their professional life. Teachers like to give the best marks to the students they like (especially in English). Managers like to promote the workers they like. 

Mindful Mentorship

Your child will have access to professionals with real insights who will provide them mindful mentorship during the most important time of their lives. We want our students to learn from our mentors’ life lessons. We are creating community – connecting students to professionals with real insights.