You can view the old syllabus here.

You can view the new syllabus here.

You should open both and try the following:

  • Search for “gender” in the old syllabus
  • Search for “Asia” in the old syllabus
  • Search for “intercultural” in the old syllabus

Now search for “gender”, “Asia” and “intercultural” in the new syllabus. It appears multiple times. It also calls out Asian Australians on page 25 under ‘Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.’ Asians? In an English Syllabus? Impossibruuu.

Other key notes:

  • The Area of Study is dropped (hooray!)

This is good. To be honest, you could go on a journey of discovery to change your identity to find belonging somewhere… S2P Connect fully supports this direction.

  • Focus is now on depth of meaning and an appreciation for plurality in meaning

Students must consider the following perspectives when analysing texts

  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Gender

What does this all mean? Students are to…

  • Appreciate the human experience as diverse
  • Identify and accept their own cultural, social and gendered perspectives
  • Connect and exchange their ideas with those who may be different from them
  • View English as the best gateway to understand ourselves, our principals, our parents, our professionals – and the great big, exciting and changing world outside the classroom.
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