Fun facts:

  • No one really cares what ATAR you got at University
  • No one really cares what marks you got at University in the workforce

More fun facts:

  • Managers and employers do care about your soft skills
  • Many companies are dropping the requirement for a candidate to submit their academic marks for employment (read here)
  • They care whether you can communicate, deliver the work and put simply – whether they like you as a person or not

Instead of letting education put a mark on you – we want you to put a mark on education.

Embrace education for what it is – the best gateway to understand ourselves and the world. Learning never stops!  

All we want you to do is stay arms-length of the rest of the pack, don’t fall too far behind. Just keep up and enjoy the ride. Don’t hang up your boots just yet!

Watch the video of our very own Aussie Steven Bradbury winning gold at the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics here.

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