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Half your ATAR will come from the marks you receive at school. English marking is subjective. Unlike Math, you need soft skills to get good marks. Your relationships with your school teachers are important.

We help students with their confidence, study habits and soft skills so that they can improve their marks at school for English. We provide a safe and secure place for the student to express themselves, enjoy their English studies and find life-long mentors.

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HSC English - Your Rank Matters

Ever wondered why you’re not getting the mark you think you deserve for English? Read someone else’s essay and thought, “Wow, how did they get full marks?” English marking is subjective, you have to know how to navigate the system. Your rank at school for English is important. How did you go in your last school report? Are you falling behind?

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What We Offer

S2P Consultation

A free one hour consultation discussing how your child can flourish in the Australian workforce, the future direction of education in NSW, and the new English HSC Syllabus. We provide you real insights into the impacts of automation, digitisation and competition in this changing economy.

SMART Sessions

Join our SMART Sessions where our VIP students will be able to access Mentors for direct help with their homework, assignments and assessments. Our Mentors have expertise beyond English, including Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, History, Geography, Science, and the IB.

Writing Workshops

Learn English the S2P Connect way! We make English enjoyable as we build your vocabulary, nurture your curiosity for reading, and sharpen your writing skills. Workshops are designed for the new HSC English Syllabus. Get a head start today!

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August 21, 2017

The tutoring industry in Sydney – spreaders of the Nerd Syndrome

One of the biggest culprits of spreading this disease of academic obsession – let’s call it the ‘Nerd Syndrome’, is the tutoring industry in Sydney. It uses fear mongering to…
August 3, 2017

Differences between the old and new HSC English Advanced Syllabus

You can view the old syllabus here. You can view the new syllabus here. You should open both and try the following: Search for “gender” in the old syllabus Search…
July 14, 2017

The ATAR is over-rated and the HSC has had its day

What do you mean academic merit doesn't guarantee my success in my future career and life?? Snoopy is shocked by this news! Top Catholic educator Greg Whitby said "only 20%…

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